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About Technology Expressions

Technology Expressions is an upstart IT business located in the Richmond, CA. We service the Greater San Francisco Bay Area with services such as Computer/Software Support, Networking Installation/Support, Virus Removal/Protection, Web/Graphic Design, Communication, Security, and Consulting. Technology Expressions provides services for Home/Home Offices, Businesses of all sizes, and Non-Profits.

Technology Expressions delivers “Solutions and Smiles” with unique and personalized service for each client. Contact us today and let us aid you in your next venture with technology!

Our Experience

Technology Expressions know the usual emotions associated with Technology: frustration, anger, disappointment, shame, and humility, to name a few.

Collectively, with 25 years’ experience, we too have shared these emotions. Be it bug riddled software, failed hardware, poorly implemented ideas, or just having no idea what to do. Our team is versed in many levels of support along with project implementation and consultation for companies of all sizes.  A majority of our experience comes from the corporate environment.  We understand the the expectation of implementing the right solution and the cost saving requirments that people and businesses of all sizes desire.

Our Solution

We want to change negative experiences associated with technology to satisfaction, joy, excitement, accomplishment, and confidence. These are the positive expressions that are displayed when you have the Right Solution.

Our team’s experiences are very broad and allow us to aid in virtually any situation. We are flexible enough to start at any stage of a project, whether it is the initial idea, the implementation, the training or post support.

We are the "Right Solutions" providor that you need!

---Technology Expressions

Trending Topics

Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest operating system. By combining the modern design of Windows 8 and the best of Windows 7, this is a worthy upgrade for everyone to use. For tips, trainning, and other questions how Windows 10 can add value to your business or excitment to your home,

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Data Backup

There is nothing scarier than having your computer crash with all of your important documents. We can help you with the perfect backup solution for your home or business.

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Cloud Technology

What is the "Cloud"? If you are asking this question or you would like help on implementing a "Cloud Service.

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Computer Security

Is your computer slow or invested with "viruses"? Do you worry about online hackers having access to your documents and credit card information? Do you want your computer to perform like brand new?

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Security Cameras

Are you worried about your property while you are away? Maybe you want to make sure that your package is delivered? Or maybe you want to view your main office from away? Allow Technology Expressions to setup the perfect Security Survellence system.

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